Date of Seminar: 22/11/2021

Place: virtual on Teams

Lecturer: Prof. D. Kozak

Title of Seminar: Mechanical properties of the additive manufactures components

Description: Additive manufacturing is a manufacturing technique innovative that can build complex, high-value parts, layer by layer, using a model computerized three-dimensional (3D) solid. Powder bed casting is one of the most common techniques. It sequentially processes a powdered raw material in thin layers and solidifies it using a laser beam or a beam of electrons. However, this method produces microstructural defects that can affect negatively on the performance of the manufactured components. These unwanted defects, voids and porosities, must be avoided or minimized to limit their negative effects on mechanical properties and for ensure the consistency and repeatability of the parts made using this technology. Seminar presented provides an overview of the pore formation mechanisms in AM metals and some techniques emerging for the detection and quantification of pores. Other defects will also be highlighted as common as the microstructural features associated with the keyhole mode of fusion laser.

Here is link for seminar.

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