Promotion of the Composites for All project

at the Festival of Science, Technology and Gaming Festival (e-FEST)

The first international festival of science, technology and gaming (e-Fest) is held in Podgorica in the period of 7 – 9. 09. 2022.

The educational-technological program of the festival aims to bring together professionals of science, technology and gaming.

On this occasion, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, as an exhibitor, promotes study programs, science – research results as well as international projects and valuable equipment at its disposal.

It was opportunity for promotion of Composites for All project and distribution of dissemination material of the project to the participants of e-Fest.


Dissemination about activities on the “Composites for All” project at the UOM web site

A working meeting of the “Composites for All” project is realized on Friday 15.07.2022 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Representatives of universities from Italy visited University of Montenegro. On that occasion prof. Giangiacomo Minak (University of Bologna) and prof. Carlo Santulli (University of Camerino) gave lectures on the application and importance of composite materials.

After that all participants had the opportunity to visit the laboratories of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Detailed information about that meeting is presented at the web site of University of Montenegro and can be found on following web site:



Promotion of “Composites for All” project during the International Podgorica Book and Education Fair

The Podgorica International Book and Education Fair opened on May 8th and lasted until May 14th 2022. The fair was held in the premises of the Shopping Mall Delta City and it was very well attended. This year, the University of Montenegro, together with its organizational units, presented a rich publishing activity, study programs and the results of other important activities. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, as a separate organizational unit of UoM, with a rich publishing activity, had its own space at the Fair, where presented its publications, study programs as well as the most important international projects. On that occasion, Prof. Jelena Šaković Jovanović and Aleksandar Vujović promoted the Composites for All project. On that occasion, the advertising material of the project was distributed to the visitors.

More detailed information on the presentation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Fair can be found at the following link:



Promotion of the project „Composites for All“ during the Faculty Day

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, celebrated 52 years of work, on 15.04.2022. That is the Faculty Day. The promotion of the Faculty Day was realized in the presence of students, professors, administrative staff and representatives of the economy.

On that occasion, special attention was paid to international projects. A very important project, Composites for all (https://compositesforall.me/) was promoted and the dissemination material of the project was distributed.

More detailed information about the event can be found on following link: https://www.ucg.ac.me/objava/blog/1291/objava/140701-dan-masinskog-fakulteta-svecano-obiljezen 

Promotion of „Composites For All“ project during the „Open Doors Day“

The “Open Doors Day” is an event that UOM is organizing every year, with the aim of promoting all university units to future students. This evet wasn’t realized last year, because of Pandemic situation with Covid 19. This year, “Open Doors Day” is organized on March 23, 2022. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, as well as all other university units, had its own marketing desk where the professors and assistants represented study programs of their faculties. They also presented all other interesting things that are in relation with their activities of their faculties. During that promotion, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering presented all active international projects. In this regard, the project „Composites for All“ is also presented by prof. Jelena Sakovic Jovanovic, prof. Janko Jovanović, prof. Aleksandar Vujović and Prof. Vanja Asanović. 

Detailed information about the event you can find on following link:  https://www.ucg.ac.me/objava/blog/10/objava/138886-vise-od-tri-hiljade-maturanata-i-studenata-ima-priliku-da-se-upozna-sa-studijskim-programima-ucg-i-aplicira-za-sezonske-poslove


Project dissemination on the web site of University of Montenegro on 11.02.2022.

Napredni materijali za moderno, unaprijeđeno i održivo društvo

Project dissemination on Montenegrin web portal Ekapija on 11.02.2022.

UCG u projektu istraživanja kompozita – Napredni materijali za moderno, unaprijeđeno i održivo društvo